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Accessing This Website Is Free. You can also copy and print the kitchen designs posted but the website retain its ownership and you will not be subjected to copyright law violations when you ask permission or when you use the copied materials for your own consumption and not for commercialization. However, if you order products and services, pay only to designated collection centers and online payment gateways.

Feel free to use the email support system of this website if you need help. The technical support team would be very willing to help you and the assistance given will be subject to terms and conditions too.

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You can post contents but they will be screened and refuse posting such when the admin finds out that you post contents that destroy the image of the company; posts that are not in-line with the kind of niche this website has; links that may be directed to other websites are harmful to the company, its employees and its suppliers and other stakeholders; contents contain viruses and malware and other types destructive programs; contents contain pornography and any forms of violence; content are spammy; contents that manifest irresponsible use of this website.

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The website has photos and videos of designs and other kitchen ideas. Printing such for your own consumption will be allowed provided that:

  1. The materials will only be used as your own reference and should not be used for commercial purposes;
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